A Few of My Things

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.”
—Mark Twain

Newest  The Support Ops Hangout
A weekly podcast with a few of my closest friends. We talk about how you can deliver a better support experience to your customers.

Better is the enemy of best
Whatever project or product you’re working on, there’s probably something that will make it just a tad bit better tomorrow. But for every thing that makes it better, it means one more day of not shipping.

Humanity is Required
If you’ve ever had to contact customer support, you know it’s a broken system for many companies. But a growing number of teams are challenging this status quo. They’re bringing humanity back to the world of customer support.

The Plane Turn
The best airlines, like my favorite Southwest, can turn a plane in 15 minutes. The faster the turn the better. Planes don’t make money while they’re sitting on the tarmac.